What’s The Best Home Elliptical Machine For You?

What's The Best Home Elliptical Machine For You?

Are you ready to go on a fitness journey but don't want to hit the gym? A home gym system could be perfect for you, and one of the best cardio machines one can get is definitely the elliptical.

However, not all elliptical machines are the same and different machines can benefit different people. We put together a guide to understanding the elliptical machine and how to find the best home elliptical for your needs.

Man using elliptical machine.

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What Is An Elliptical Machine?

An elliptical trainer, also known as a cross-trainer, is a stationary exercise device that simulates walking and climbing. Like the treadmill and exercise bike, the elliptical is an exercise machine used to burn fat.

An elliptical machine is great because it reduces the typical joint pressure that occurs while walking or jogging while still facilitating cardiovascular exercise. An elliptical machine is also a great choice for those who wish to avoid potential injuries from cardio workouts.

What's The Best Home Elliptical Machine For You?

Through trusted product review websites and an understanding of different cardio needs, you can easily find the best home elliptical for your needs at a reasonable price.


If you want to invest your money in a machine with a bit of insurance, you should look for a machine that boasts a good warranty.

Elliptical trainers, like any exercise equipment, can suffer from wear and tear or component damage.

You may even be able to find a seller that offers warranties for used equipment as well.


Elliptical machines can come with armbars. When your legs are moving and your arms aren't, this can result in tension and pain in the shoulders and back.

Armbars on an elliptical machine.

To avoid this, an elliptical with armbars is ideal, such as the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine. Armbars move with the stride of the elliptical so you can get a full-body workout.

If you want to reduce the amount of time or quantity of equipment to target your whole body during a workout, an elliptical with armbars would be ideal.

Drive design

There are several different designs of elliptical machines:

  • Front - This type of elliptical design is ideal for you if you want something that simulates stair-stepping
  • Rear - This flat design is ideal for someone who wants to simulate walking
  • Center - This design, which is usually the most common, keeps your posture in a straight, upright position. It's preferable for people with spinal or posture problems


The stride length of an elliptical is the widest distance between the machine's pedals. This can vary significantly.

An elliptical with a very long stride length is usually preferable because it provides maximum comfort while exercising.

Look for an elliptical machine with a stride that falls between fifteen to twenty-five inches total.

Elliptical machine stride.

If you have multiple people that will be using the machine, such as a family with children, look for an elliptical machine with an adjustable stride, such as the Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Bluetooth Smart Technology Elliptical Trainer, to custom-fit each person's height.

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