The Cybex Arc Trainer Review

The Cybex Arc Trainer Review

When you're looking to update your fitness routine or your home gym, you can feel overwhelmed by available choices.

Cybex Arc Trainer In Room

How do you know what's best for you and your space?

Home bikes or ellipticals like machines are smaller and easier to fit at home. They are both great cardio machines that build leg muscle.

How do you know which to pick? Your goal should be to find a sweet spot between maximum work for your body and minimum stress on it.

The Cybex Arc Trainer does that. It's engineered to keep your body better positioned so the right muscles work, not the wrong ones. Your fitness routine should get you to your goals, not keep you from them!

Cybex Arc Trainer

This cardio machine is like an elliptical in its motion, with some key differences.

Elliptical trainers allow movement in a, you guessed it, ellipses shape. Arc trainers allow movement in an arc shape.


Here are some of the pros of this arc trainer.

Ergonomic Design​

The ergonomic design of an arc trainer over a traditional elliptical is most beneficial for those with knee or hip issues. The motion of an elliptical has you push your foot forward to the top of the ellipses motion.

That forward upward push puts a strain on the front of your knee - the last thing anyone wants. The designers of at CYBEX claim that their arc motion doesn't let that happen.

Most people find it true. Those who have knee injuries and still workout using machines prefer the arc trainer to the elliptical.

Young Man Exercising On Cybex Arc Trainer

Feels Easier

If you've ever used an arc trainer, you know that it feels like less effort than an elliptical. The founders say that's because of the arc shape and its ergonomic design.

The good side to this is that it allows you to exercise longer without getting as fatigued. The bad side is that you could work out too hard for too long, which is very dangerous! Workouts that are too long can stress your muscles to a point they're more likely to get injured.


Here are some of the cons of this arc trainer. ​

Feels Easier

Yes, this is a con to the Cybex arc trainer as well!

The only way to gauge calorie burn is by keeping track of your heart rate. However, there are large margins of error depending on what tracker you use.

Unless you do the exact same workout under the same conditions, we don't know that you're getting more burn than on an elliptical.

Woman Exercising On Cybex Arc Trainer


The swinging arc motion of the Cybex arc trainer means that there needs to be room for the foot pads to be elevated off the ground. There also has to be two axels at the back for each separate foot, instead of one.

The arc trainer takes up more room than a traditional elliptical. If you have knee or hip issues, the extra room may be worth the extra comfort.

If you're worried about the ergonomic set up of your exercise gear and have some room to spare, the Cybex arc trainer is for you! Would you try the arc trainer for your post-injury exercise? Let us know in the comments section below!


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