Out Of Room? Try A Fold Up Exercise Bike

Out Of Room? Try A Fold Up Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is a smart and affordable option for at-home exercise and training. These bikes come in a variety of designs and a host of features.

Exercise bikes are great for many reasons because they:

  • Offer us variable and consistent resistance to maximize workout routines
  • Gives us an option to exercise when the weather does not permit
  • ​Allow us to make use of the time through multitasking
  • Have us exercising in private where there is less judgment

The only problem cited is their size. Many models are bulky and need a dedicated space. The solution? A fold up exercise bike.

What's the Difference in a Fold Up Exercise Bike?

Exercise bikes come in two options:

  • Recumbent - Reclined body position and pedals in the front of the body
  • Upright - Upright body position and pedals under the body

Both a traditional and fold ups have these options available. Monitors are the same between both types. Resistance is adjustable.

Recumbent vs upright bike.

What makes the real difference? The space saving size.

The Pros:

  • Foldable - Reduces needed space for setup and storage
  • Weight - Light and easy to transport
  • Price - A fraction of the cost to manufacture

The Cons:

  • Sturdiness - Fewer materials used for the frame
  • Features - Smaller form cuts the inclusion of neat additions
  • Capacity - Not suitable for heavier, overweight individuals

A fold up exercise bike is ideal for the person that's limited on space but wants an entry into at-home cycling without the high price.

These bikes are ideal for those participating in physical therapy. It's ideal for the elderly and newcomers to cycling.

Which Fold Up Exercise Bike is Right for Me?

Answer these three questions:

  • Am I limited in space?
  • Do I want all the bells & whistles?
  • Do I need to watch my budget?

Many fold-up bikes fit under the bed, within a closet, or tucked away in the corner of a room. Their lightweight design makes them easy to grab and set up. This removes the need for a dedicated exercise area. The bike can be set up in front of a computer or TV for added comfort and productivity.

Fold up bikes limit features to reduce their size. Don't expect built-in full video screens. Most use an LCD screen to count distance, calories burned, and activity.

Man on a folding bike in front of a tv.

Costs are low found in the $80 - $100 range.

These factors lead to three different fold up bikes which meet each criterion if one were to say 'YES':

Exerpeutic 400XL

Over 2,300+ Amazon reviews and a fair price tag places the Exerpeutic 400XL as the go-to choice for a foldable, recumbent bike. Features include LCD display, V-belt double drive system, and heart rate monitor.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright (with Pulse)

Exerpeutic back again with an amazing offering but in upright form. The lightweight design holds up to 300lbs offering adjustable heights. It's compact and features an 8 level magnetic control system. Another fold up that won't break the bank.

Marcy Foldable

The same great design and features but at a lower price. The foldable bike offered by Marcy is well-reviewed. It is a fantastic choice to burn the fat and build muscle.

Now that you have the deets, let us know which exercise bike is just right for you! While you're at it, check out our other reviews!

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