Buyers Guide To Picking The Right Home Exercise Bike

Buyers Guide To Picking The Right Home Exercise Bike

Using a stationary bike is an excellent way to get in shape. It's a total body workout that builds muscles and improves cardio health. According to studies, those who bike even 5 minutes a day gain less weight than people who don't.

Biking has become a popular way to exercise in recent years. That means there are all sorts of stationary bikes to choose from.

Tips On How To Choose?

Do you want to add a stationary bike to your home gym? We can help you. Take a look at our buyers' guide to picking the right home exercise bike.

Girl exercising on home exercise bike in the living room

First Decide Whether You Want A Recumbent, Upright Or Spin Bike

Spin and upright bikes are similar styles. You sit above the peddles. The main difference with an upright is you can't lift yourself out of the saddle. With a spin bike, you can stand and peddle.

A recumbent bike gives you more overall body support. There's no tiny seat like the upright and the spin bikes. A recumbent has a big wide seat and comfortable back support. The peddles are out in front of you. It's much easier to balance on a recumbent bike.

Still not sure which bike is right for you? Consider your exercise goals.

Choosing A Bike Depends On What You Want To Accomplish

Looking to burn as many calories as possible?

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Biking out of the saddle torches significantly more calories than when sitting. If you want that cycling class experience and burn, go for a spin bike.

Thinking about training for a triathlon or getting into street biking? The spin bike is probably best for this, but an upright works too.

They both mimic the same position as a real bike. That means you're strengthening the same muscles. 

If you do have physical health concerns, the recumbent bike might be for you.

Whatever you choose, experts say all options are better than running when it comes to your joints.

Think About What Kind Of Features Are Important To You

One thing to consider is the size and weight of the bike.

How much space do you have for the bike? Also, consider if you think you'll be moving the bike much. Upright bikes take up less space. Spin bikes are often on wheels and are easier to move.

The more expensive the bike, the better the special features are. Some bikes have video features. You can take a virtual class or imagine yourself biking through mountains.

If you've picked out the home exercise bike for you, don't pull out your credit card just yet.

Take Your Bike For A Test Ride First

Woman exercising on home exercise bike

This is when you'll notice things you might not otherwise. How much noise does it make? Some bikes are quieter than others.

If the sound level is going to eventually annoy you, don't take it home.

Does it feel solid underneath you? A recumbent bike probably will.

Once you make your choice, make sure you get the standard 2-3 year warranty!

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