Stationary Bike vs Treadmill – Which Is Best?

Which is Better Treadmill or Exercise Bike

When you step into your local fitness club or gym, the first thing you’ll likely notice is walls and walls of treadmills and exercise bikes. These are two of the most popular machines found in the health and fitness world, and many people even have them in their own gym at home too.

The age old debate of exercise bike vs elliptical vs treadmill continues on, though, with fans of each of these machines claiming that one is better than the other. Although the elliptical is gaining popularity lately, the bike and treadmill are still two of most popular thanks to their many unique benefits and easy to use functionality.

Whether you’re trying to burn fat or improve your stamina, the treadmill versus exercise bike decision might have different results for you. Whichever you choose, you can be confident that they both offer some great benefits and are now more affordable and user-friendly than ever before.

The Benefits Of Treadmill

As one of the oldest pieces of gym equipment we know, the treadmill has only managed to remain as popular due to its many benefits. Here are just a few ways the user can benefit from this machine, whether using it at home or a health club.

A Complete Guide To Treadmills

Cardiovascular Improvement

When performing a regular workout on a treadmill, you’ll be getting one of the best cardiovascular exercises possible. Just 30 minutes a day can drastically reduce your risk of heart disease, so not only is it great for your physical appearance but your insides will benefit too.

Weight Loss

Spending half an hour each day on a treadmill can burn around 250 calories, and you have the ability to increase your workout for an even greater challenge and more fat loss. This is one of the top picks for people looking to lose weight at home since it’s enjoyable and easy to use.

Bone Health

Studies have shown that regular endurance training can have a phenomenal impact on your bone density, so it’s ideal especially for women and the elderly who may need extra assistance in this area.


With a treadmill, you have far more options for how to workout than with other machines. You can walk, run, jog, perform interval training, and even do strength workouts as well. Unlike other trainers that only provide one repetitive motion, it’s great for people who like to mix things up a bit.

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The Benefits Of Stationary Bike

Although the treadmill has many great benefits, an exercise bike can compete just as well in this area. Just this one machine has a range of advantages for the user, so you’re getting far more than just a good workout if you decide to purchase one of these for your home gym.

A Complete Guide To Exercise Bikes

Burns Calories

Depending on how you work out, you can burn an amazing amount of calories with an exercise bike. A standard 30-minute ride without pushing yourself too hard can burn around 250 calories, however, with an intense HIIT workout, you can burn 450 calories in the same amount of time.


If you suffer from illness, injury, or are perhaps a little unfit, the exercise bike is extremely friendly on joints. As there are no harsh movements of running or hitting a hard surface, this is extremely beneficial for those who need the extra support.


One of the best things about working out with a stationary bike is how much fun you can have, and many people find that this enjoyment leads to more motivation to work out. You can perform spin classes, listen to music, and even watch TV while you sit comfortably on your bike seat.

Suits All Fitness Levels

With the option to take it as easy or hard as you like, the exercise bike truly is great for all ages and fitness conditions. Because you’re seated, it’s especially good for elderly or weak users and allows them to build their fitness in a gentle way.

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How To Find The Best Gym Machine For You

To get the most benefits out of your treadmill or exercise bike, you need to shop around to find a quality and reliable machine. Thankfully, there are countless products now available that cater to different users, with everything from seat positions to digital displays being fully customizable to suit your needs.

According to ExerciseRig blog, before shopping around, think about what matters to you in your home gym equipment. If you have any absolute requirements then these will help to narrow your search down. Always choose a machine that offers a solid warranty period and with good online reviews, as these will be a strong indication of just how reliable the trainer will be.

The Verdict

So what’s better, treadmill or stationary bike? After weighing up the benefits of each, it seems there’s a clear winner to suit different types of users. If you’re after something with as little impact as possible that allows you to take it easy when you exercise, the bike is your number one choice. However, to mix things up and get some versatility from your workout you’ll want to go with a treadmill.

Treadmill Next to a Stationary Bike

Although each offers strong points in these areas, there’s no reason you can’t get an effective and comfortable workout from either. The best thing about owning gym equipment yourself is that you can fully adjust the exercises to meet your personal needs so that you’re able to get the best results to suit your fitness goals.

No matter which machine you decide on in the treadmill vs stationary bike debate, there’s no denying that these two will remain the top two choices for commercial and personal gyms for many years to come. Even with the latest and greatest cardio machines grabbing everyone’s interest lately, nothing can deter from the great benefits that these two classics offer.

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