Top 5 Treadmill Workout Plans

Top 5 Treadmill Workout Plans

The most popular piece of home gym equipment the world over has to be a treadmill. These diverse machines can offer you a whole range of exercises that you might not have imagined, as they’re not just useful for walking and running.

These machines can be a great platform for a range of cardio workouts, and you can even build your strength at the same time too.

Woman Using a Treadmill

Treadmill training can be a fun and unique approach to exercise and everything from weight loss to building muscle can be achieved with these simple machines. Whether you need to learn running on a treadmill for beginners or you’re looking to bulk up, this is the trainer for you.

The Top 5 Workouts For Your Treadmill

We’ve compiled the five best treadmill workouts to get you into shape, and they’re easily adaptable to suit all kinds of shapes and sizes. Best of all, there’s enough exercise to keep you motivated and excited about exercise for every day of the week, so you can mix them up and do one each day so you’re never bored.

HIIT Treadmill Workout For Beginners

To get started with treadmill exercise if you’re not in shape, a HIIT workout for beginners would be ideal. Rather than incorporating jogging or running, this workout requires the user to walk slowly for two minutes and then perform a brisk walk for a minute. This is a great treadmill workout for beginners to lose weight and can be increased in intensity once it no longer provides a challenge.

This treadmill HIIT workout should be performed for a minimum of 30 minutes, ensuring that you walk as fast as possible during the one minute segment. Once you begin to build up stamina and speed, you can move onto something more challenging with running or jogging involved.

HIIT Treadmill Training

HIIT Treadmill Workout For Advanced Users

For treadmill running workouts that target weight loss, a HIIT workout is best. If you’ve moved past the walking stage you’ll need something more challenging so this advanced exercise is for you. For this type of intensity, you’ll need a cardio treadmill that can sustain running and sprinting without creating instability.

Begin with a slow walk for 5 minutes to warm your body up, and once done start to jog for two minutes. After two minutes, sprint as fast as you can for a full minute before returning again to the job for two minutes. This continual change in rate will cause you to lose weight even after you stop exercising.

60 Minutes Treadmill Workout

Although not required every day, you should add a 60-minute workout to your repertoire once every few days to keep your body guessing. Whether you’re doing intervals or plain running, extending your workout time is the best way to push yourself a little further.

For those trying to build their stamina, starting with a 30-minute walk and leading into a jog or sprint is ideal. On the following day, you can return to just 30 or 45 minutes and then add to this time as your strength improves. Eventually, the goal should be to walk or run for a full 60 minutes every day, giving your body a chance to burn calories effectively before you stop.

Walking Treadmill Workout

There’s nothing that says you have to run just to lose weight, so a walking treadmill workout is still effective. For an added challenge, change the resistance setting on your treadmill every five minutes to mimic the action of going uphill and walking flat distances. This will be great for building muscles in your leg as well as providing cardio.

Woman Walking Treadmill Workout

Once you’ve mastered walking, try to face the opposite direction and walk as well. This is great for your core strength and balance, and will target different areas of your body than if you were facing the other way. A machine with an automatic stop button is required here, to ensure you don’t give yourself an injury.

Strength Training Treadmill Workout

For a workout with a difference, you can use your treadmill to incorporate strength training. Every 100 steps you take, bend down into a complete squat and then continue on with your sprint. By performing a deep squat every 100 steps, you’ll be able to build your leg muscles while you shed fat also.

For an added workout, you could incorporate hand weights into your routine. Continue as usual with your running or walking exercise and perform lifts with the weights to target your arms as you work out.

Final Verdict

There’s no one set exercise that’s going to suit everyone, so feel free to try them all until you find something you like. The best part about working out with a treadmill is that you can adjust the resistance setting to provide yourself with more or less of a challenge. Once you get better and stronger at that one, you can move the resistance setting to make it more difficult and build yourself a stronger body.

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No longer is the treadmill just for cardio workouts, with a whole range of inventive ways to work out your entire body. This machine represents a solid foundation for exercises that you can complete to either improve your fitness or maintain a healthy body, and it’s completely adaptable to you daily needs and goals.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a new piece of home gym equipment but were sitting on the fence on how to proceed, it’s clear that the treadmill offers a wide variety of exercises to suit all fitness levels. Whether you want to slim down, tone up, or learn how to run, there’s no shortage of workouts to keep you entertained with your treadmill.

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