Try A Water Rowing Machine If You Can’t Get Outdoors

Try A Water Rowing Machine If You Can’t Get Outdoors

Experts agree that exercise is a great stress reliever and one of the best ways to stay healthy in mind and body.

It’s hard to drag yourself outside for a run or to the gym every day of the week, and who can afford to keep all the machines you need for a full body workout at home, right?

Well, the answer to your everyday exercise woes is simple. Rowing has proven to be one of the best total workouts you can get and is something you can do in your own home.

Woman using water rowing machine.

Rowing machines are the ultimate fitness apparatus and the water rowing machine is first prize among these.

Read on to find out why.

Benefits Of Working Out On A Rowing Machine

Rowing machines provide just as many benefits as the real thing, without the expensive equipment, time investment, or hazards.

They target a wide range of muscles and give you an awesome cardiovascular workout quickly and easily.

Getting your heart rate up with an intensive rowing session, sends your body spinning into calorie burning mode quickly, burning off fat and decreasing your risk of heart disease.

Woman using water rowing machine side view.

To get the best out of your rowing machine it is important to start slowly and use the correct technique. So, a few sessions at the gym with an instructor is the best way to get going. It is a good idea to crank up the machine’s resistance settings at a gradual rate to prevent muscle strain.

How Is A Water Rowing Machine Different?

Water rowers were invented almost 30 years ago by John Duke, a Rhode Island resident, and have gained a loyal following in the years since then. As a member of the USA National Rowing team, Duke fine-tuned his invention to mimic a workout on the water as closely as possible.

His peers in the rowing world soon caught on, and it wasn’t long before professional athletes, as well as fitness fanatics, started singing the praises of this new way to workout.

Water rowing machines provide a natural feel resistance by using a water flywheel to mimic the feel and sound of the real thing.

Water provides a much gentler type of resistance than mechanical means and the muted swishing sound of the water has a calming effect.

The water tank is easy to fill and the machine folds up for easy, upright and compact storage right on the spot. They are available with plush wooden finishes and swish design elements that make them easy on the eye too.

The best brands are designed to blend in with your décor, so you can keep them nearby when not in use and indulge in as many workouts as you want.

Comforts are included in these top-of-the-range models such as an ergonomic handle, comfortable seat, and a user-friendly display monitor to keep track of your workout.

Display on a water rowing machine.

This onboard performance monitor records your heart rate, stroke rate, and the intensity of your session.

All these benefits do come at a slightly higher cost, so shop around for the water rowing machine that suits your needs before you invest.

Read some of our reviews to help you decide.

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