WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine In Ash Wood With S4 Monitor

Rowing has long been considered one of the most effective ways to get a full body workout while maintaining a sleek and elegant look as you do. Imagine if you could get all of the health benefits of a rowing machine but with the added elegance of its design to match your home’s décor.

When you invest in a piece of quality gym equipment for your home, you no longer have to throw money away at your local fitness club or get out of bed and into the cold and dark for a morning run. Everything you need is right here, and you’ll find yourself more motivated than ever to shed those extra pounds that have been holding you back.

Natural rowing machines are the latest trend in health and fitness, offering a first class approach to getting active. These gorgeous machines are made from hardwoods and feature a water flywheel so that it mimics perfectly the feel of rowing through open water. The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine can offer you all of that, so you’re given tranquility with an effective workout at the same time.

Introducing The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

The natural rowing machine craze has only continued to grow in recent years, with more and more people switching out their clunky and heavy duty machines for something elegant and enjoyable to workout with.

Features of Water Rowing Machine

Our Rating

Our Rating

The WaterRower offers an all body workout with the natural feel of open water, so you can truly take yourself away to another place and time as you transform your body.

This natural rowing machine from WaterRower has some great features for both the home user and a professional gym setup, including:

  • Completely handcrafted construction including the water flywheel which allows you to feel as though you’re rowing on open water;
  • Beautiful solid ash and stained honey oak construction which not only minimizes sound but looks amazingly elegant;
  • ​A series 4 performance monitor so you can keep track of your calories burned, distance rowed, speed, and more;
  • ​Extremely lightweight for exercise equipment at just 117lbs;
  • Flywheel situated in a water tank for self-regulated resistance, making it ideal for all fitness levels and expertise;

WaterRower is known for creating quality water rowing machines, with a range of popular products for both home and professional settings. Their Natural Rowing Machine is a top seller due to its amazing design and stress-free workout.

These machines are ideal for people who have tried everything else but want something that will motivate them to work out every day. You can feel graceful, strong, and challenged with a WaterRower at home, and you’ll never get bored of using it each day. Best of all, you can stop throwing money away at the local gym and invest in something you can enjoy for years.

The Real Results From WaterRower

Although rowing machines have been proven to be effective in cardio and strength workouts, having a WaterRower makes it that one step better with its unique water flywheel. This flywheel contains water within, so it makes you feel as though you’re rowing in open water. Unlike other bulky machines found in the gym, it gives you a more tranquil and graceful workout session.

Fly Wheel

According to the many online reviews, the quality of the WaterRower is its best feature. Everything from the smoothness of your strokes to the tranquility of a whisper quiet operation makes up the high quality of this trainer, and once you use it you’ll never want to work out with a standard rowing machine again.

As this trainer is made from wood, reviewers have noted that you should maintain it regularly. As wood can swell and shrink according to different climates, you’ll need to keep the nuts and bolts tightened and should check them every few months. Although a minor inconvenience, some might prefer a machine they don’t need to provide any upkeep on.

The setup on this machine was incredibly easy, as it comes pre-assembled and in two separate pieces. Most users found they were able to do so in an hour, and there were even some tools included in the WaterRower box that made the job easy. Once assembled, it adds a touch of style and elegance to any room in your house.

How To Purchase A WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

If you’ve decided that the WaterRower is the choice for you, you’re probably on the lookout for the best deal. Amazon, as usual, has a great price of just over $1,100 for this machine which includes shipping straight to your door. Although a little more expensive than most pieces of gym equipment, the design and quality of this trainer will be worth every penny.

Amazon does also offer an assembly service if you require it, however judging by the online reviews there weren’t many people who had a problem with this. However, it is a nice little extra you can purchase to take any potential headaches out of setting up your new gym equipment.


You also have the option to add a five-year protection plan to your WaterRower, offered by Amazon. This goes on top of the standard warranty offered by the manufacturer and can give you peace of mind that you’ll be protected should any damage be done. For just under $150 this is available and may be worth it to some for extra reassurance.

If you’re looking to add even more equipment to your home gym, a sturdy PVC or rubber mat for your WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine to go on would be great. This way neither the trainer or your floors become damaged.

Final Verdict

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is an exception piece of gym equipment, beautifully handcrafted using ash wood and honey oak. These materials combined give you the perfect mix of durability and elegance and will liven up any room of your home or professional gym.

With this trainer in your home, you’ll never have an excuse not to work out again. For the future in home workout equipment, click on the button below to purchase your WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine and treat yourself to something special.

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